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by Plum Stickie

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released July 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Plum Stickie Salt Lake City, Utah

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Track Name: Social Elixir

I consult the mirror
To make sure that I see
Exactly what they expect me to be.
Perfectly composed
Not a flaw exposed
And ready to face whatever the night may bring.
I'm greeted with robotic arms
And overexcited welcome alarms
Pushed toward the amateur pharmacy
Where they'll cure my ails of sobriety
Here's to shot 1, shot 2, shot 3,
Take me to the level of my company.

Somebody catch me!
I'm falling down!
Am I in living yet? Am I having fun?
Drunken words are sober thoughts and in my mind's eye
This social elixir is my alibi.

Verse 2:
I know from my own experience
Liquor has a tendency to melt inhibitions
What I didn't account for, what I should have foreseen
Is that it aint who you'd want to be.
The stigma is high, you’re obliged to get drunk
Cause that’s the only way that you're more fun,
So the reigning champ, ms Hyde has won
And her chaos has only just begun.


You think you know yourself?
Ha! What do you know?
You think you'll be the one
Who can stay under control?
Think again, my friend.
This drink will swallow you whole!


Somebody catch me!
Am I living yet?
I’m falling down!
This social elixir is my one regret.
Track Name: Good Man's Soul
Verse 1:
He aint no good for me,
And I'm too good for him,
He aint no good for me,
Lord knows, I'm too good for him.
But those pheromones keep making my head spin.

Daddy wouldn't like him,
Mamma won't approve.
I say my Daddy wouldn't like him
Mamma won't approve.
But I'd sneak out at Midnight to get my fix of you.

We're two lost souls
Aint got no rings on our fingers
But I've got you wrapped around mine,
Oh Baby! Come on and save me!
I've been too good my whole damn life!

Verse 2:
He's a bad bad boy
If there's one thing I know
If I had any sense
I'd let him go.
But he's a bad boy with a good man's soul.
Track Name: Audley Crazy
Verse 1:
You must think I’m crazy
To still be waiting after all these years.
You’ve gotta think I’m insane,
To still have faith after all my tears.
I’ve gotta be out of my mind
To still be steadfast and true,
But audley I’m still crazy, crazy for you.

Verse 2:
You’re in my debt.
I gave you far too much of my soul.
That, I don’t regret,
But I’ve gotta be near you in order to feel whole
And it seems to me you’re Audley Freed
When you’re around me, too.
Yeah, Audley I’m still crazy, crazy for you

Verse 3:
Sometimes I think I’m crazy
To still be waiting after all these years
But giving up on you now
Just aint an option, no it aint my dear.
Good and bad, looking back
on all the things we’ve been through
Audley, I’m still crazy
Yeah, Audley, I’m still crazy
Yeah, Audley, I’m still crazy, crazy for you.